Thursday, 21 July 2016

Goodbye LauraPants

It is after a lot of thinking about this that I have decided to close down this blog.
I haven't given it the time it deserves and then wander why it's not flourishing. I am not the same person that I was when I began the blog all those years ago. Times have changed and so have I and my life. I don't have the passion for fashion that I once had. My interests lie in other things now. So I am going to start a new blog. From the ground up. Work on it for a while until I am happy to release it and it is something I can be truly proud of.
So I would like to say a big thank you to all my readers old and new. I appreciate every read, every comment and every view you have given this blog.
I promise there will be bigger and better things coming for me and my place in the blogosphere.

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Date Night

Had a very rare opportunity for a date night tonight. Just me and the boy and our favourite curry house. Plus an awful lot of wine.
I've been feeling a little off kilter lately so I took the opportunity to get a little dressed up. Break out of my comfort zone and put a dress on, some colour and raid my old accessory stash!
I found a load of really nice shoes in my old wardrobe at my parents house along with the dress I wore.

The dress is old ASOS Curve and is a lovely muted wine colour. I always wear black or grey so this was a nice, easy break. I wore my favourite Simply Be leggings so I at least had some of my comfort zone within the outfit.

           Clearly the wine kicked in!

                     Well and truly!

My shoes were from a few years ago and are some really funky wooden heels with stud detailing.

I went all out with my makeup. Lashes long enough to fly away and highlighter to be seen from space!

                 Cute Photobomber

It was so cool going through my old stuff at my folks. Pretty much everything I wore except for the leggings I had forgotten I had! I used to live in that chunky Perspex ring!

Hope you all have had and are still having a fabulous weekend xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My Lime Crime Velvetines

I have done a post previously on my liquid to matte lipsticks called Velvetines by a brand called Lime Crime.

I am sure most of you have heard of these or seen them on YouTube or Instagram. In my previous post I talked about my experience on ordering direct from Lime Crime and the formula and wearability of the lipsticks. Since that post I have purchased a few more so I thought I would share my collection with you.
I have ordered from a UK supplier called Love Make-up and you can find the lipsticks here

I have nine in total and the shades are as follows....
Teddy Bear
Beet it
The shades go from a true 90's brown to a deep plum. I cannot tell you how much I love these lipsticks but as I mentioned in my previous post the shades pull different on different skin tones. What looks like a pale lilac brown on the swatch online (faded) is a deep mauve brown on me.
I will show you the swatches on my hand and also give you my interpretation of them.

This is a proper muddy brown colour and I LOVE IT! People have hyped up the 90's brown lip because of Kylie Jenner and that's not really what a 90's brown lip looked like. This is a true 90's brown. My fella described it as Poop. It is quite a unique brown that when it's on has an orange/yellow undertone. I suppose poop is kind of accurate but it's not the best descriptive words to use when describing a lip product. It makes my lips look huge and when I've got it on I like it with a brown smoky eye and a lot of contour and bronzer.

Similar to Shroom this is also a brown but a lighter, more creamy brown. It's a nude but does look quite dramatic on. It's still fairly dark and noticeable on me as I am so pale but the swatches online make this look like a really pale nude. It is still a grungey brown and if you are familiar with Oak lip pencil by Mac this is just like that in a liquid lipstick.

This is a peach colour. Again very creamy in colour and not one of those in your face sickly sweet peach lipsticks. I would say its a peach nude and is one of the most everyday wearable colours I have.

This is described as a light red brown and I would say that is pretty accurate. On me it's not exactly light and is like my own lip colour just a few shades darker. It's really beautiful on and is quite a glamorous going out shade for me.

I wore this shade in my post about Lime Crime. It is described as a muted lilac brown but I would say it's a mauve colour. It's fairly cool toned and definitely runs in the purple end of my colour line. This is beaut with a cool toned smoky eye using purples and greys.

Teddy Bear
I would say this is one of my favourites. It is a purple brown again like faded but much darker and more red. On the lips it is quite dramatic and makes a real statement.

Polly is the most girly of my collection. It's a pinky purple that is more pink than purple. It is fairly cool toned and reminds me of a darker and more opaque version of Mac's Snob lipstick. It isn't a dark colour but because of the formula of these they tend to make more of a statement than a normal lipstick because they dry completely matte and opaque.

Beet It
This is honestly such a beautiful colour and is a real statement lipstick. It's one of those I would pair with a black dress and heels. It is the colour of beetroot as the name suggests and on me is really dark. I feel ever so sassy in this colour.

The darkest and most vampy of all my velvetiness! It is a deep cool toned plum. The next shade up from this is Jinx which I very nearly got but now I have this one I think Jinx would be pretty much black on me. This is very dark and I need a good lipliner when I apply it. This isn't a day time lippy it's a man eater. Hair in waves, red bottomed heels and a black dress hugging every curve in a lipstick tube.

I hope you guys found my not so brilliant descriptions and swatches helpful and if there are any you would like to see on if you leave a comment I will post a look of me wearing it xoxox

Lime Crime Velvetines

Ladies and Gents I have developed a new obsession. After getting caught up in all the Lime Crime controversy and believing everything I read and heard about the company and its founder I swore I would never buy from them. Then one night when I was doing my usual Instagram research and fantasy shopping I decided I wanted to try some of these liquid lipsticks everybody raved about. I had tried a couple from other brands and been very disappointed in how the colours turned out when they arrived on my fair skin. I hoped to have better look with the original liquid to matte lip formula.
I did an order directly from the Lime Crime website for myself and three colleagues as we expected shipping to be extortionate as they were coming from the US. The bill came to 220 US Dollars and shipping was a teeny 8 US Dollars. That's the same as some companies charge in the UK when they ship local once you do the conversion! They estimated 7-9 days for delivery and I was expecting about 14 days as I ordered around the bank holiday. I ordered on the Monday night and they arrived the following Tuesday! That's including good Friday and Easter Monday!

Just look at that packaging! I have never been so excited for a delivery ever! Here are my five...
I got from top to bottom Beet it, Faded, Teddy Bear, Polly and Fetish.
The velvetines can vary in price but all of these were £13.82.
So as far as ordering and customer service is concerned they were A1! Also I used PayPal and got good communication from the company regarding tracking.
Now for the lipsticks themselves. I have done a good road test with Faded but this is the only one I have had chance to wear out so here are my findings.
This is it very first applied just using one coat. In future I will allow it to dry and apply another coat as its a little patchy in places. Again as with other lipsticks as I mentioned the colour is different on my skin tone but not massively and I absolutely LOVE IT!
These are very thin and liquidy and feel beautiful when you apply them. They smell like cake and dry really quickly! The doe foot applicator is nice and small so you can get a precise application although I would recommend a lip liner if like me you're a little older and lipsticks start to feather.
I drank two large glasses of pop with a straw and ate a massive carvery and cookie ice cream sandwich (yeah man I wanted to give it a thorough test) I also drank a cup of tea and kissed my fella!
This was it after all of that and not retouching it once. In total I had it on for about three and a bit hours but during that time with what I ate a normal lipstick would have long since gone!

It didn't flake, wasn't cracking, didn't have that horrid white line or go funky in the corners of my mouth!
In my opinion this still looks damn good and I just love how they feel. They are so light it hardly feels like you have anything on.
I will 100% be getting more of these. They're cheaper than my Mac babies and the colour range is amazing!
Please let me know if you'd like to see me test out the other shades to see if the formula and wearability is consistent.
Hope you enjoyed this post beauts xoxox

My Nightly Skincare Routine

One of the things I have always been very good at is looking after my skin. I had very bad skin as a teenager and into early adulthood. My mom always instilled in me how important it was to cleanse, tone and moisturise. No matter how bad or good my skin got I have always followed a routine. I've just added in more steps as I have gotten older.
So a little about my skin. I have combination skin that is prone to breakouts and very dry skin around my nose and mouth. My spots tend to congregate around my chin and mouth which I know is linked to my hormones. No matter what I do I figure I will always get the odd pimple but thankfully it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. At 31 I have some fine lines and wrinkles and am very conscious of trying to slow down the ageing process.
Here is what my skin looks like at the moment in all its naked glory after I have done my full routine.

I switch up my products I use every now and again if I feel something has stopped working for me or if I want to try out something new. This is what I have been using for a while now except the night cream and eye cream.

I start off by washing my face using the Mario Badescu Cream Soap which I don't have a photo of because it's in the bathroom! This face wash is more like a cream but it completely dissolves all my makeup really easily! I use it twice. Once to remove my makeup and then again to get my skin really clean. I use it with warm water and a wash cloth. My skin doesn't feel squeaky clean after this as its a creamy consistency so I follow it up with the Mario Badescu Cucumber lotion to remove any leftover traces of the soap. I just put a little on two cotton pads. This stuff smells divine and my skin feels taught and clean afterwards. This helps get rid of any flakes of skin I have around my nose and mouth and also helps dry up any spots.
I use liquid to matte lipsticks and have found my lips are really dry lately. I exfoliate them at night using the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush. Its brilliant, tastes and smells divine and you can just lick it off your lips after! Win win.
The newest product I have been using is the Mario Badescu seaweed night cream. Its a strange consistency, almost like a solid cream so when I first used it I used way too much! It melts on contact with your hands and a little goes a long way. In al honesty I don't like how this feels on my skin as it is so so rich and feels really greasy but when I wake up my skin is more even in tone and feels lovely and soft and plumped up. I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since using this so I am sticking with it. Next I use the Mavala double lash on my eyelashes and brows to help condition them. I swear by this stuff. It helped my lashes recover after having lash extensions and helped me grow out my brows. Then I use a little coconut oil around my eyes to intensely moisturise them and Nivea lip balm.
I know it seems a lot but it doesn't take very long and sort of flicks me into bed time mode.

You can find all the Mario Badescu products here
I highly recommend checking them out as they are so good and not all that expensive!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Lumee Phone Case

So my self control has reached a new low and my vanity knows no bounds. I was scrolling on a Facebook beauty group and saw somebody post about these "selfie phone cases" the most popular being the Lumee.

A case that has LED lights all around the outside to give you that perfect selfie lighting!
I had to have one!! I didn't do my research until after I had made the off the cuff purchase! Now these aren't cheap. I paid £27.99 for mine and I know you can get them for less off eBay but they are different variations of the original. I wanted the "proper" one if I was going to buy something so vain and extravagant! Of course there are lots of pictures like this to back up how amazing they are!
It came within about 3 days. It has its own charging port and lead but no plug. You can use the iPhone charger plug or just use the usb on a computer. I charged it for a few hours, it has an indicator light on to tell you when it's ready. It fit perfectly on my 6plus and I was ready to selfie like the vapid princess I am!
This is my impressed face. I have done a side by side comparison of with the light and without.
Left is with, right is without. People don't get why I brought it or why I love it so much but I think it's amazing! My selfie game has reached another level and for more practical reasons my makeup photos are so much better and clearer! You can take pictures in the dark and also have a handy torch without fiddling with the lock screen! I've not had to charge it yet and have had it almost two weeks. The lights work by a button at the back so it's in really easy reach for quick photos.
It's my favourite none makeup purchase I've made for a long long time!
This was in a car at night with no lights.
In my pitch black hallway in the middle of the night.
In my bed with just lamplight.

Don't ask why I took such hideous pictures but it was all for research purposes!
Thank for reading loves xoxox

I got mah hair did!

I absolutely swore I was never going to go back blonde! After spending so long growing it out, getting the condition back and getting the perfect ombré I even said to my hairdresser never let me go back blonde!
Alas I got bored and I suck at sticking to my own rules. I kept looking at old photos and figured I looked so much better and younger when my hair was lighter. 
So I took a picture to my hairdresser on the understanding it was going to be a long process and I wasn't going to get to where I wanted to be in one session!
 This was the picture. I love the mixtures of gold and silver tones throughout the hair.
So we decided to highlight my hair to try and lift it all over then tone it to get it a bit ashy. This was before...
 Then after my first session....
I was already a ton happier just after one appointment.
Now I'm on appointment two and am so close!
I think it's taken years off of me already and can't wait until my next appointment! I have been using a violet shampoo to try and get rid of some of the brassy tones and am super happy with the results. Here is my hair now after just a few washes with the toner.
Excuse my mush but it's my I'm ill feel sorry for me look!
I'm so excited about being a blondie again!
Love you all xoxox